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Zone Out and Tune In to these 5 Women's Health Podcasts

Zone Out and Tune In to these 5 Health and Wellness Podcasts

The “new normal” could use some switching up. Many people are feeling cooped-up and burnt out from their everyday routines and are looking for new ways to reconnect with their bodies and refresh their mental space. Now that the season is changing and the temperature is dropping, it’s the perfect opportunity to get out and get walking (or jogging or hiking) for some much-needed “me time”. We’ve done some digging and we found 5 of the best wellness and women’s health podcasts to give you a new auditory-escape and tune into your inner needs. These podcasters come from a variety of backgrounds from NY times best selling authors to doctors and science-based emotional experts.

Zone Out and tune in to the best Women's Health Podacsts!

With the changing leaves, cool air, and inspiring advice, these podcasts serve as the perfect change of scenery for your eyes and ears. Just grab your headphones, zone out, and tune in!


Our Favorite Wellness and Women’s Health Podcasts

Hot for Your Health is Doctor Vonda Wright's very own Women's Health Podcast

Hot for Your Health


Hot for Your Health is hosted by your very own Dr. Vonda Wright, founder of Women’s Health Conversations. Hot for your Health is an extension of WHC. Each episode brings together change-makers who are putting women’s health at the forefront of the industry and spurs an in-depth and exciting conversation about health innovations. Every episode is about 30 minutes long, making it easy to binge as you get out and enjoy the fall season. Stay tuned for more episodes coming soon!

Hurdle – Emily Abbatte


About the host: Emily is a storyteller, entrepreneur, and most recently, was the fitness editor at SELF Magazine.


Why we love it: Emily holds down-to-Earth candid conversations with people of all backgrounds – Olympic athletes, life coaches, yogis, you name it – and talks to them about their “hurdle” moment. What did they have to overcome? How did they prepare? Where did they land? What did they learn? – these are the types of questions Emily delves into in each weekly episode. This women’s health podcast helps you to live the life you envisioned by learning from others. The mission of this podcast is clear and mirrors our motivations at WHC: “To inspire you to be your best self, move with intention — and have some fun along the way.”


Perfect for: Anybody facing a big break and in need of a moment of vulnerability and encouragement to help push over their hurdles.

From Brene Brown's Women's Health Podcast she saiys we are hardwired for connection and the connecting requires courage

Unlocking Us – Brené Brown


About the host: Brené is truly an expert in her field. She has spent the past two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy and is the author of five #1 New York Times bestsellers. On top of that, she also hosted one of the most popular TED Talks ever published, called The Power of Vulnerability.


Why we love it: This podcast does not shy away from anything. Her open, conversation-based approach is incredibly refreshing and restorative. As Brené has found in her decades of research “We are hardwired for connection, and connecting requires courage, vulnerability, and conversation.” – and every episode does just that! This is a great podcast to reconnect yourself with others during the midst of a pandemic while taking away many kernels of inspiration.


Perfect for: Anyone in need of a refresh. Her guests range from psychologists, to bishops, and Pulitzer-prize winning authors offering their perspectives and personal philosophies. If you’re in need of a gear-switch – this is perfect for you!


The Mindful Minute


About the host: The approachable and perfectly chill host of this mindfulness podcast is Meryl Arnett. Meryl is a mama and a meditator. She has been an everyday practitioner of meditation for 10+ years and has been teaching for almost just as long!


Why we love it: Meryl gets why meditation and mindfulness seem unachievable to many women because she has been there herself – she’s a mother, community member, and working professional like the rest of us. Meditation is a great way to decompress, slow down, and relieve all the stress and pressure that can overwhelm us.  Each episode kicks off with a 10 – 15-minute talk that discusses the teachings of mindfulness, followed by a 20-minute guided meditation.


Perfect for: Everyone who needs to shake off some stress – AKA everyone. There are no expectations, you don’t need to be a yogi or a monk. Meryl just offers her advice and acceptance as you begin your own journey with meditation 


Rich Roll


About the host: I’m sure you can guess his name – Rich Roll has quite the laundry list of accomplishments. Rich’s journey to wellness and this podcast began didn’t start out the way you’d expect. In his twenties and into his thirties, Rich struggled with addiction and landed himself in jail and rehab. Even after he overcame addiction and started his sober life, he wasn’t holistically healthy. It wasn’t until age 40 that he decided to make a change – he overhauled his life, became a dedicated vegan, runner, and trained for, and completed the Ultraman Challenge in less than 2 years.


Why we love it: This isn’t the most expected pick for a “women’s health podcast” – but it’s powerful for all people. It has over 75 million downloads, making it one of the most popular and acclaimed podcasts. He brings on experts from all walks of life to discuss wellness, fitness, nutrition, and more in an hour-long discussion.


Perfect for: Anyone getting started on their health and wellness journey and fitness enthusiasts who want to hear from the masters. Rich’s story is a testament to the power of “Fitness over 40”. These episodes are perfect for long walks or to kick off your day in the chilly morning air, coffee in hand. 

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