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7 Fall Holistic Health Superfoods

7 Cozy Autumn Dishes Packed with Holistic Health Superfoods

Summer is winding down and some of our favorite goodies, like strawberries, watermelon, and sweet cherries are going out of season. The “farm to fork” movement is coming back in full swing and our bodies are thanking us! Eating a plant-based diet has so many benefits for our gut, skin, and brains! Lucky for us, with each change of the season comes new delicious, healthy superfoods. Here are a few of our favorite fall ingredient-based recipes!


The Best of Fall’s Holistic Health Superfoods

Sweet postatoes are packed with vitamin A and Iron making them one of fall's best Holistic Health Superfoods

Sweet Potatoes


Sweet potatoes are so versatile and absolutely delicious. Bake them, mash them, add them to fall salads – there is no shortage of recipes using sweet potatoes! They have plenty of iron and vitamin A as well as anti-inflammatory benefits making them a great choice for managing psoriasis.



Brussels Sprouts

Another super satisfying vegetable that is beyond side-dish status is brussels sprouts! Eating just half a cup provides more than your daily recommended intake of vitamin K (which is especially helpful for people with Crohn’s disease or active celiac disease). It also has tons of iron and may even help to keep our minds sharp as we age!




Pomegranates are full of juicy, delicious, antioxidant-packed goodness. They were even shown to have higher antioxidant levels than red wine and green tea. Juice them, pair them with antioxidant-rich dark chocolate, or snack on raw seeds throughout the day – we can’t get enough of them!




Fall is squash season. Acorn, butternut, spaghetti squash, you name it – we love it. Squash, on top of being a hearty, filling, and versatile fruit, also contains omega-3 fatty acids. This makes them an important plant-based source for vegan diets that may be lacking in omega-3s. They are also a great source of vitamin A!




We couldn’t forget one of the most popular, sweet, and favorite fall ingredients – apples. No matter how you dice it, apples provide great crunch and sweetness to fall salad and baked treats. Each apple contains about 4 grams of fiber to keep your gut microbiome diversified and healthy which can help prevent weight gain, heart disease, and diabetes in return.




For some reason, parsnips don’t often make it on the menu but they are delicious and offer tremendous health benefits. Parsnips have a unique taste, almost a mix between a turnip, carrot, and potato. They have a great texture and can be used as a more flavorful and nutritious food in place of potatoes! They’re rich in potassium, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate to support a healthy immune and digestive system.

Pumpkins are rich in potassium and are one of fall's Holistic Health Superfoods



Last but not least, where would we be without the American favorite, the great pumpkin! In addition to being a tasty pie filling and unassuming craft project, you may be surprised to learn that pumpkins are also considered a wonderful holistic health superfood! They are rich in potassium, contain more than 20% of your DRI of fiber (which is about 5g by the way), and have plenty of B vitamins which strict plant-eaters often lack. Next time you head to a patch, get one for a Jack-o-lantern and seeds, and another for dinner using one of the recipes down below~


How to Turn These Holistic Health Superfoods into Cozy Autumn Dishes


Head to your local farmer’s market to get the best ingredients for these fall recipes! Make sure to take your personal dietary restrictions into account, as always. All of the below recipes are plant-based with one Mediterranean style dish in the mix.


  • Pumpkin Coconut Soup: Some say it’s Pumpkin Spiced Latte season, we say it’s soup season! This rich, creamy, yet healthy soup is absolutely delicious and makes for a great starter or main course. Set the seeds aside to make a crunchy snack you can eat all day!


  • Black Rice with Fall Veggies: Rice and veggies – it doesn’t get much simpler than that! This recipe calls for squash, green beans, fresh herbs, and whatever other fall vegetables you want to throw into the mix. 
  • Smashed Parsnips: We love this recipe because it takes a healthy twist on a fan favorite – mashed potatoes! Between the ease of making it, it’s unique flavor, and carb-cutting capabilities, this recipe is to die for.


  • Apple and Sweet Potato Soup: Did we mention it was soup season? This recipe has an unexpected take on using apples in fall cuisine. It’s sweet with a kick of spice. Sprinkle nuts on top for added crunch and protein.



  • Braised Brussels Sprouts with Thyme: This one has us near-drooling. It’s simple, savory, healthy, and super fitting for fall. Side dish or entree, you’ll finish feeling satisfied.


  • Roasted Fall Veggie Salad: Last but not least, this roasted vegetable salad makes the most of all our holistic health superfoods. Choose your favorites (we recommend brussels sprouts, sweet potato, squash, mushrooms, and more) and roast them in the oven with EVOO. Add them to a bed of greens and sprinkle with hemp hearts and pomegranate seeds for protein and antioxidant-packed crunch.
Holistic Health Superfoods - Take advantage of the fall local harvest - your body will thank you and so will your local farmer!

By taking advantage of all that the fall harvest has to offer, your local farmer will thank you, and so will your belly. Grab a warm drink and cozy dish to start sweater weather off the right way.

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