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5 Things to Wear that Take Off 15 Pounds

Feeling and Looking Your Best Self

On your journey to your best self in your 40s and beyond, there might very well be challenges. Not only is your body experiencing immense changes during perimenopause and menopause – lowering your estrogen levels, which bring side effects like dry skin, hot flashes, and emotional changes – but you may also not be able to get away with eating the same foods and drinking the same sugary beverages you did when you were younger. Studies show that your body’s low estrogen can contribute to a difficult weight loss journey and increased belly fat.

You will find yourself at low points where you try on clothing and look at yourself in the mirror and feel generally dissatisfied. There will be times when your clothing fits too snugly and you wonder if what you’re doing in the gym or what you’re changing in your diet is really working. 

But, listen closely – questioning your methods is 100 percent okay, but questioning your beauty is not. You must implement intense exercise, a healthy diet, and important, but easily overlooked, sufficient daily sleep. You might also adjust your wardrobe so that getting dressed in the morning can be a fun start to your day. Make choices that allow your confidence and beauty to shine through.

Understanding Body Image

Starting at a young age for most women, body image is an important, sometimes all-consuming topic. At some point in every woman’s life, she deals with negative body image, positive body image, size comparisons, and envy.

Having that body image awareness at a young age will likely make you more aware as an older women to the ways your body changes. Has your body changed through pregnancy? What about stress related weight gain or loss? Whatever reason causes you to critically assess your body, it’s important to find a way to feel beautiful and healthy in your own skin.

Your body image can be easily influenced by how you dress. Clothes can make a huge difference in your perception of yourself. So as you’re working to become your best self through healthy diet and regular exercise, here are five things to wear that take off 15 pounds (figuratively) while you (literally) drop unnecessary pounds. You’ll look good and feel good on your journey to your best self.

5 Things To Add to Your Closet

1. Black Clothing

You’ve probably been told for years that when you wear black, you will look slimmer than when you wear a color or a pattern. Black can signify high fashion and is a staple color for any closet – as it pairs nicely with dark blue or black jeans.

The general perception of black clothing according to fashion experts is that it’s “slimming” because “black absorbs light particles, thus diverting visual attention from an object, giving it a smaller appearance. In contrast, the color white reflects light and attracts the eye, enlarging the appearance of an object.” Essentially, wearing black functions as a fashionable optical illusion, and is a safe choice for an individual looking to appear more slim. 

2. The Right Shapewear

Shapewear matters and the right shapewear can make a world’s difference in the way you look and feel. Acting as a slimming staple to your wardrobe, shapewear can make you appear slim and curvy at the same time. For years shapewear has helped women “get closer to an hourglass shape and become straighter in the posture… Furthermore, significantly lower waist-to-hip ratio was partially consistent to perceived attractiveness.”

Even though you may be more apple-shaped, the right shapewear can help give your body an hourglass appearance. Usually composed of stretchable fabrics containing spandex or Lycra, shapewear can firm up your body to make you look 15 pounds lighter in any outfit.

In addition, purchasing the right undergarments can help with the bumps and lumps in tight clothing that make you perceive a negative body image. If you use the right undergarments for tight clothing, you will feel better about your body. 

3. Vertical Stripes

The stripe debate – whether or not to wear vertical or horizontal stripes – has been the topic of many fashion magazines. But did you know it’s also been the topic of discussion for scientists?

Scientific research has investigated which stripe combination –horizontal or vertical – makes women look slimmer. So which one will make you look 15 pounds lighter?

If you are a slender woman, both vertical and horizontal stripes will make you look slender because that is your body type. In fact, horizontal stripes make slender women look even fitter. However, if you have extra weight that you are trying to lose, vertical stripes are the way to go because they make you look taller, while horizontal stripes will make you look wider. 

4. The Right Accessories

Accessories can make a world’s difference. But these two can help make you look 15 pounds lighter.

Nude High Heels

Pumps or stilettos, nude colors will elongate your feet and make your legs look longer. You’ll appear more slender and tall. Heels can be paired with skinny jeans for an even slimmer look.

Over-the-Knee Black Boots

Black clothing is slimming and high black boots can be, too. They can elongate your look and make a statement that enhances your confidence.

5. Confidence

This is not meant to be a cliché. But, when you feel good in what you wear, people will notice your confidence, which is absolutely beautiful. With confidence and happiness you can feel lighter and more motivated to keep up your excellent work at the gym and in the kitchen. Being healthy and losing added weight is always important, but especially as you age, so be proud of resisting obesity and its long-term health complications. 

Your journey to the healthiest you in your 40s and beyond will not always be easy, but looking good on your journey can be uplifting and relatively easy. Making these 5 quick fixes in your wardrobe can boost your mindset and help a lot in the long run.

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