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Success Is YOU Setting YOUR Own Standards

When it comes to health, mental wellness and physical fitness, there is no cookie-cutter plan that will work for everyone. The key is to find out what works for YOU and to stay out of your own way once you set out to achieve a goal. For many women and men alike, the mental aspect of strength and endurance training is much more challenging than the actual physical work required to reach your targets.

If this sounds a lot like you, consider working with a professional like Aimee Kimball, a truly inspiring mental training consultant specializing in sport psychology, and Founder and CEO of KPEX Consulting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Whether you want to push your limits and excel in a sport, or you want to pursue your fitness goals with a newfound vigor, Aimee’s tips for approaching your goals with the right mindset are invaluable tools for anyone striving to better themselves.

Meet Dr. Aimee Kimball, Phd, CC-AASP

Dr. Kimball knows a thing or two about sport psychology, having been the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Mental Training Consultant since 2006, making her part of both the 2009 and 2016 Stanley Cup Championships. Dr. Kimball is also currently the Director of Player and Team Development for the New Jersey and Albany Devils, as well as the Mental Training Consultant for Duquesne University and Sewickley Academy in Pittsburgh, PA. Since 2004, Dr. Kimball has worked with over 40 high schools, 10 colleges, and 6 professional sports teams.

Dr. Kimball has also been a resource for numerous media outlets, including Men’s Health Magazine, Runner’s World, ESPN, NPR, and news broadcasts across the country. 

Aimee is dedicated to helping athletes, coaches, corporate leaders, and other performers to achieve greatness. Her focus is on identifying the mindset in which you perform your best and providing ways to recreate that mindset. Essentially, Dr. Kimball takes a strengths-based approach to developing the mental toughness needed to succeed in sport, business, and life.

The Benefits of Mental Training

From professional sports to everyday health and wellness, mental training can help anyone develop a positive mindset that will benefit them in every aspect of life. Use mental health training to:

  • Gain a different perspective on a challenge or obstacle in your way
  • Avoid holding yourself back from reaching your goals
  • Learn how to control your thoughts so that they no longer consume you, but rather fuel positive action
  • Nurture a most positive, focused, and enhanced version of YOU

Tips for Realizing Your Own Potential and Achieving Your Goals

If you’re struggling to reach your goals but can’t seem to put your finger on why, consider these tips for staying out of your own way and making room for growth. Without realizing it, you could be sabotaging yourself before you even get started.

  • Make realistic goals. Don’t set out to achieve too much too soon. Instead, set yourself up for success by creating smaller milestones that build upon each other towards your ultimate, larger goal.
  • Keep track of your progress and celebrate even small victories.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether it’s in the form of a mental wellness coach or asking a friend for some moral support, don’t underestimate the power of a strong community full of positive influence.
  • Think positively. Don’t think of a job interview as something that you’re dreading or a difficult task, for example. Instead, view this as a challenge, a goal that you can work toward.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. At the end of the day, you can either be your own biggest cheerleader or your own largest obstacle. Choose to cheer yourself on at every step of the way instead of tearing yourself down over the smallest of missteps.