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Look your Best on Your Next Zoom Call

10 Tips to Help You Look Your Best on Your Next Zoom Call

Quarantine has thrown our workdays out of whack, but it does have its perks. For many of us, the new “WFH” morning routine means rising later and eliminating steps from our usual beauty routines. However, now that Zoom has become the new meeting room, we still have some getting ready to do to look and feel our best when seeing our colleagues through the screen.


You’d think it was simple, but the flat, bluish 1D image that Zoom shares of us isn’t always the most flattering. Oftentimes, it’s hard to feel like your best and most confident self when you don’t feel like the screen reflects how you truly look. So, to help show that you’re still working it while working from home, we’ve compiled a list of 10 tips to help you look and feel your best on your next Zoom call.

Look your Best on Your Next Zoom Call - hydrate your skin for a healthy glow.

1. Keep indulging your skin with face masks! Whether you want to work one in overnight or even in between calls, face masks are a great way to keep your skin looking glowy, healthy, and hydrated. Difficult home lighting can make your skin look dull over the computer, so definitely take advantage of any time you have away from calls to give your skin a little TLC. Here’s a face mask we love containing antioxidants and lactic acid to keep your skin glowing and radiant!

2. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Even though most of us are spending more time indoors than ever, we can still benefit from some sunscreen. That’s because blue light, also called HEV (High Energy Visible) light, emitted from electronic devices is suspected to lead to premature skin aging, wrinkle formation, and skin discoloration. HEV light, which is also found in the sun’s rays, penetrates more deeply than UV rays thus, yes, sunscreen is just as important indoors as it is outdoors. This sunscreen is backed by the skin cancer foundation and is tinted so you can add it to your WFH skincare routine without adding an extra step!

3. Go heavy on the blush. The blue light from computer monitors can wash out our skin and make it look dull. Blush helps to add another sign of healthy, bright skin through the screen. Most of our webcams don’t pick up on details very well, so an extra layer of blush won’t come through as heavy on your coworker’s monitor.

4. Don’t forget to highlight! You have to help the camera out a bit. Contouring and highlighting our faces helps to add dimension to your webcam’s view of you from every angle.

5. Work the eyes. This is our last skincare related tip. Since the camera only captures from the shoulders up, you don’t have many ways to communicate nonverbally. By highlighting the eyes, it will make you stand out that much more and add a new level to communicate with your colleagues.

6. Take off your blue light filtering glasses. Blue light filtering glasses have become an extremely popular way to reduce eye strain while working on the computer. However, because these glasses block blue light, from the webcam’s point of view, all you can see is this light bouncing off. If you can, take off your blue light filtering glasses while on your call so everyone can see you better.

Look your Best on Your Next Zoom Call - Avoid busy prints and solid white or black outfits.

7. Enforce a dress code. It can be tempting to wear loungewear while working from home. However, clothes can be a huge part of making you feel more in the work routine and more like yourself. When choosing an outfit to wear to Zoom meetings, try to avoid busy prints that distract from your face, and avoid solid white or black full coverage tops that will appear like a blob on the webcam. Kotn has some great neutral basics and simple printed tops!

8. Make sure your camera is at eye level. Just like the many rules of thumb for taking selfies, angles are everything on Zoom. If you’re calling in on your phone, make sure you’re not giving everyone a view from chin up. By propping your laptop or phone up so that the camera is at eye level, it looks more like you’re speaking through the camera and makes for a more flattering angle overall.

9.Work your angles. Like we mentioned above, angles are everything. Since Zoom is one dimensional, it requires you to work the angles on your end. Here are a few tips to look more poised, professional, and flattering while on zoom.

    • Sit up straight. Instead of slouching, sit up straight to elongate the body.
    • Turn your shoulders. Rather than having your shoulders parallel to the screen, try turning them slightly at an angle to give you more depth and look a little more upright.
    • Put your chin forward to avoid double chins
    • Experiment with the angle of your head. Many people feel that they have a “best side”, so why not put it forward!
Look your Best on Your Next Zoom Call - Use Natural Diffused Lighting

10. Last but not least, find the right lighting. No one wants to have to squint through a dark screen to see you or try to discern between a dark blob on a backlit background. Natural diffused lighting is ideal, so try to sit by a window if you can. If not, use a small table lamp placed in front of you to illuminate your face during calls. Try not to rely too much on overhead lighting as your eyebrows will cast a shadow over your eyes, making it look like you have dark under-eye bags. This desk lamp has great diffused light that can be turned up or down throughout the day.

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