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Makeup & Skincare Tips to Look Instantly Ageless

Makeup & Skincare Tips to Look Instantly Ageless

When you hear “tips to look instantly ageless” your mind might jump to expensive serums and “age-defying” overnight creams. Don’t worry, we’re not here to sell you anything! Okay, this might be an ad but at least it’s realistic! Your skin is an organ! Thus, the way you take care of your body is reflected in the appearance of your skin. 

Tips to Look Instantly Ageless - Your makeup and skincare routine is supposed to help you feel and look youthful, vibrant and fabulous. But if you’re not careful, the steps you’re taking to look your best can actually end up aging you.

Your makeup and skincare routine is supposed to help you feel and look youthful, vibrant, and fabulous. But if you’re not careful, the steps you’re taking to look your best can actually end up aging you. A few simple tweaks to your skincare and makeup methods can steer you in the right direction and make sure you’re not doing more harm than good. 

Here are Our 9 Tips to Look Instantly Ageless

1. Moisturize Your Skin

A good moisturizer can build a foundation for youthful-looking skin. But skipping this step in your skincare routine can result in dryness and wrinkles that age the appearance of skin and make applying makeup more difficult. The periorbital area (around the eye) is particularly prone to fine lines and wrinkles. However, in one study of the efficacy of anti-aging products, the appearance of those lines was significantly improved after four weeks of using an SPF lotion, night cream, and eye cream. With that said, remember that the best skin moisturizer is drinking water and staying hydrated throughout the day.

2. Don’t Skip Sunscreen

Just like forgoing moisturizer, by skipping an SPF product, you’re missing an opportunity to prevent wrinkles, sun spots, and other signs of aging. Using sunscreen that’s free of harmful chemicals and avoiding overexposure are simple ways to establish an anti-aging regimen. Dermatologists recommend sun protection in preventing the development of pigmented lesions, such as freckles, not only to avoid the appearance of aging but also to decrease the risk of melanoma.

3. Match Your Foundation to Your Skin Tone

Resist the temptation to use your foundation to fake tanner skin or fairer skin. The best thing you can do is match your foundation as close to your natural skin tone as possible. You’ll avoid the dreaded makeup mask look and keep your complexion natural. If you have “problem areas’ like dark spots and bags, cover those with a concealer that matches your skin tone and keep the rest natural and glowy. Your skin is beautiful! Accentuate it, don’t bury it.

4. ABBA Blush is a No!

Mama Mia” is undeniably a great song. ABBA knows a thing or two about great, timeless music. However, the blush worn by the two female members of ABBA is undeniably dated and over the top. Skip the super cool-toned frosted blushes blended right into your hairline and reach for a color that mimics your natural flush. Apply just above the apples of your cheeks for an instant lift.

5. Do Lip Liner Right

Lining your lips with a neutral color or one that matches your lipstick can be your secret weapon to get a crisp lip line, avoid the dreaded lipstick bleed, and add some extra plumpness to your pout. But a dark lip liner paired with a lighter lipstick can subtract from the instantly ageless look you’re rocking. Keep your secret weapon secret and don’t flaunt a mismatched liner.

6. No Disney Villain Brows

Have you noticed that every Disney villain has thin, arched, severe brows and the princesses all have fuller, more natural brows? Don’t overpluck or draw a thin line and you’ll avoid looking like Maleficent. Just a little bit of shaping and filling in with a matching brow powder, pencil, or gel will keep you looking ready for your prince at any age. 

Tips to Look Instantly Ageless - Stick to the well-established classics and natural looks and you’ll steer clear of falling victim to trends.

7. Keep It Classic, Do Not Follow Trends… From Any Era

There are certain makeup looks that remain timeless: a winged liner, a red lip, full lashes, and a subtle flush. Stick to the well-established classics and natural looks and you’ll steer clear of falling victim to trends. Remember that pink frosted lip gloss you had in high school? Let’s not revisit that look. 

8. Do Not Sleep With Your Makeup On

The most important step in your makeup routine is taking it off. One woman conducted an experiment on her own face, not removing her makeup for an entire month. The results, analyzed with a special 3D camera, showed deeper wrinkles, oxygen deprivation, red blotches and larger pores. Keep a package of cleansing wipes next to your bed so even on nights when you’ve had a few too many glasses of merlot, you have the means to remove your makeup and prevent those signs of aging.

9. Go Lightly on Under-Eye Liner

Using a natural smudged eyeliner on the lower lash line adds great smokiness and definition to the eyes. With that said, if you go too heavy or blend it down too far, it accentuates the eye bag and makes you look tired. Stick with a classic winged eyeliner or keep it soft and gentle around the eyes to look instantly ageless.

A great piece of advice is to learn your face shape and eye shape and find YouTubers and makeup artists that look like you. They can teach you all the tricks that work for them and show you how to do makeup specifically for your features.

Makeup and skincare are just the tips of the aging iceberg. To look and feel instantly ageless, you have to prioritize your total body health (that includes your brain too). To learn more about how age affects women’s health and wellness, consider registering for one of the Women’s Health Conversations Conferences to come! Experts in the women’s health and wellness fields will provide information on a range of topics affecting modern women. To be entertained, empowered, and educated, register for the conference today or join the conversations that are already happening in our Facebook group!

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