The 11 Questions Every Woman Must Ask Herself

The path to living your best life starts by looking inward. In order to create a vision for your future, a little self-reflection is required. As women, we often focus so much of our attention on the needs and wants of others, that when it comes time to identify our own desires, it’s hard to know where to start. By answering these 11 questions, you can confidently visualize the kind of life you want to lead and begin taking the steps to make it happen.

What are your abilities? What are you naturally good at?

Examining your natural aptitudes not only puts you in a positive mindset, but it gives you the chance to play to your strengths right off the bat. Be honest with yourself and take the time to appreciate all of your natural talents and how they can help you be your best self.

What is your personality? Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Are you positive or negative?

Understanding your own personality can be the key to revealing the vision for your prime life. Much like reflecting on your natural abilities, evaluating your character can help you work with your natural tendencies as you create your plan for the future, instead of working against them.

What skills have you acquired over the years?

Think about how much knowledge you’ve acquired in your lifetime. Tons, right? Now is the time to really consider the skills you’ve learned and which of those can carry you through to the life you most want to lead. 

What types of things interest you? What are you passionate about?

To visualize the life you want to lead, you have to be able to identify the things about which you care most. If you love animals, your plan for the future can include volunteering at a shelter, fostering pets or going back to school to become a veterinarian. But before you make big plans, you have to pinpoint exactly what it is that excites you.

What do you value?

What means the most to you? These are the things to keep at the front of your mind. By establishing your core values, you build a road map that leads you right into your ideal future. Never lose sight of what you value and you’ll never lose your way.

What are your goals for your life, your body, your brains and your bliss?

Create tangible, quantifiable goals for yourself and your future. Saying “I want to be fit, happy and healthy” isn’t enough. What does that look like to you? When you have an endgame in place, you can start designing steps to get there.

What stage are you in life?

What does your life look like now? Maybe you’re fresh out of college with stars in your eyes and student debt looming over your head. Or you’re well established in a career that you love, caring for a growing family or looking forward to the free time that comes with retirement. Take inventory of where you are in life and what sorts of challenges and opportunities you should be planning for.

What was your family like?

Family medical history can provide a detailed and often eye-opening glimpse into the potential future of your own health and wellness. But looking past diagnoses and medical records and into the personal lives and choices of your family members can be equally educational. See the good in your family as inspiration and take the not-so-good as an opportunity to learn.

What did your last success look like?

Reflect on your past success and revel in your accomplishments. Your past successes can be a wealth of information and inspiration to bring forward into the vision of your best future.

When was the last time you were fit?

Much like your past successes, you can glean a great deal from your fitness history. Think of how your body and mind felt when you were at your most physically fit. How did you get there? What happened to change that? Take these lessons forward as you carve a new path.

Are you happy? When was the last time you were truly happy?

This question can be difficult, but it’s so important to answer honestly. Are you really, truly happy and, if not, when was the last time you remember feeling that way? Take that feeling and those circumstances and use them to devise a vision that makes you blissfully happy once again.

Armed with the answers to these questions and a clearer understanding of the vision you have for your best life, you can begin to forge a new, thriving path for yourself and your future.

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