A Message from

Dr. Vonda Wright

“As an Orthopaedic Surgeon (and prior to that a cancer nurse) who
has taken care of and athletes for the last 29 years, I understand the power we have as individuals to control our health and aging.
As the CEO’s of both work and home, women make more than 80% of the health decisions for ourselves and those closest to us. The turbulent national healthcare transition we are in makes the best information critical.

Today will be a day of transformational conversations. We have a series of thoughtful, educational, entertaining sessions with leaders and experts from around the country. We’ll learn together and laugh together, all with the goal of equipping you to fortify your body, build a better brain and prioritize your bliss!

We are igniting a national conversation on women’s health right here in Pittsburgh…let’s talk!

Dr. Vonda Wright, MD